Within in the last year or so, I picked up journaling again.  I used to keep lots and lots of journals and for some reason, just put it down for a while.  I picked it back up and love the creative outlet it has given me.  I was a scrapbooker for so long, but after moving a few times and losing a dedicated space, I struggled with finding the time and inclination to do it again.

Enter art journaling/memory journal keeping.

It is like keeping a mini scrapbook without all the pressure.  I can write and keep memories and moments as they happen – sometimes with pictures, sometimes not  – and the important stuff is documented.  I have really been loving getting all my thoughts and memories out on paper – especially after the painful year it has been.

I have discovered so many cool brands of Travelers Notebooks (my method of journal keeping).  From Chic Sparrow, to Naked Cow and so many other wonderful sellers – I can’t wait to share them with you!  I’ve also started doing Youtube videos to show my notebooks and what I do with them.  Please feel free to subscribe.

It is so nice to have my creative mojo back again – it has been too long!  🙂
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